Q: Where are you based and how can I view these Fire Pits?

I sell mainly online but I do welcome you to come and visit and see my fire pits in person if you live in the Perth area, WA.  I am based in Fremantle, just south of Perth and can make myself available to suit you.  I love welcoming people to come and view for yourself and discuss your requirements.  It's much easier to gauge size etc when you see them in person. 

My pictures are of my actual fire pits so very accurate and I have excellent feedback. Please read the reviews that customers have left me over on my Facebook page.​

Q: How much is Freight / Shipping?

We welcome local collection but also offer free delivery AU wide to within 20km of the CBD.  Outside of this area?  Just call us and we'll look into freight costs for you - we can subsidise this and just pay a surcharge.

Q: How do I buy a fire pit?

A: Available stock is under the shop tab - just add your choice to cart and use our safe and secure checkout to complete your purchase.  I can also take card payments over the phone so please do call on 0450125478 if you prefer that.

Q: Do you do one-off custom orders?

This is possible but there is generally a substantial wait as a one-off will need to be designed and then arrive in our next shipment.

Q: Fire pit balls are expensive compared to other types of fire pits - why is that?

A: We aim to provide the best value for this style of fire pit globe and do so by adding in our great features.  These are high quality pits in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs.  They are beautifully finished and these designs are only available through us.  Getting the ball shape is not a cheap process, but hopefully you'll agree, the eye popping design are head and shoulders above your standard fire pits.  They'll last for years and transform your outdoor space.

Q:  Can you advise on fire pit safety and care at all please?

Absolutely we can help - please read our safety and care guides in the main header.  It's not exhaustive but gives a lot of good pointers to help keep you and your surroundings safe.  If you think of anything to add, let us know! 

Q: Where are the Fire Pits Made?

A: My fire pit globes are made by my highly skilled, tried and trusted fabricators overseas.  By working in this way we can provide affordable products when compared to those made in Australia which run into several thousands of dollars. 

The overseas manufacturers are vetted to make sure they work in an ethical and safe manner and QC checks take place during the making process. By working in this way, I can offer a high quality product at a very competitive price and the fabricators get paid a fair wage too.  

Q: Do I have to wait for my fire pit?

​Sometimes depending on the order cycle there might be a wait for your chosen pit.

The new ones coming in from overseas have about a 12 week turn-around time and then they have to reach wherever you are in the country.

Alternatively if you cant wait, check our shop tab to see what we have available to buy right way!

Q: Where else can I buy your fire pits?

A: All fire pits that are on this website are my own design and are only available through me or from someone who has purchased them from me. My designs are IP protected and not available anywhere else. 

Q: What are your fire pits made from?

A: We use a structural steel in various thicknesses - from 3mm up to 6mm.  The smaller 3mm fire pit globes are suited to smaller patios and courtyards and are great for a more ambiance giving experience rather than to generate serious heat.  The bigger fire pit globes are much thicker and therefore suited to a bigger fire.

Q: The fire pits are multi-functional?

A:  Yes, that’s absolutely correct!  I wanted to create fire pits that not only look amazing as a patio or garden feature, but are also useful 365 days of the year.  This means that even in the hotter parts of Australia where there isn't as much need for a fire, you are still going to get a lasting product that is functional all year round. 

All my fire pits have a drainage hole in the bottom when using as a planter and also a cap cover to pop over when using as a fire pit to stop embers falling through.  This also makes for really easy cleaning.  They are also pieces of garden art and some even have a BBQ function (70cm models).

Q: Can you advise on expected life span on these pits?

 My pits are made from mild structural steel but with any product at all, the more use it gets, the quicker it will deteriorate. If you want to hammer a fire pit with very large fires on a very frequent basis and get the metal glowing red, this style of pit (a fire ball with cut outs) is probably not best for you.  I would suggest going for a flat plate fire pit instead which are readily available.  If you are a less of a pyromaniac and more of an 'average' user, go right ahead - these are just gorgeous and will last for many, many years. 

The imported pits are various thicknesses - the thicker the longer the lifespan but it depends on your intended use.  If in doubt or want advice, just call me.

Please see the Care & Safety Guide in the header for more information.​

Q:  Do you sell wholesale your fire pits?

A: We certainly do wholesale the fire pits on this website and I can put an order together of my designs and then get them fabricated overseas so you can make the margins you need to while still putting out a fantastic and high quality product.

If you have a large fit out project, retail stores or similar and need large quantities (at least 30 units if on the east coast, 5+ units if you are in the Perth area), we can supply you with great designs that will not only save your business money but also put you in an advantageous position above your competitors with our stunning and versatile designs.

Email or call for further information. 

Q:  How can I become a stockist for your fire pits?

A: Just call me to discuss your requirements. 

Have further questions? 

Just email me at lizzy@uniquefeaturefirepits.com.au or call 0450125478 - I am here to help you the best I can!