Q: Where are you based and how can I view these Fire Pits?

I sell mainly online but I do welcome you to come and visit and see my fire pits in person if you live in the Perth area, WA.  I am based in Ocean Reef, just north of Perth and can make myself available to suit you.  I love welcoming people to come and view for yourself and tell you all about my designs!  I also have some stockists around WA so please check out my stockist page to see if there's one near you.

Q: How much is Freight / Shipping?

A: FREE!  My Fire Pits have FREE delivery AU wide.  If I am selling an Ex-Demo model very cheaply when I will write on the advert that it's for collection only.

If you are local to the Perth area, you are welcome to collect your fire pit.  I'm based in Ocean Reef, WA.

Q: How do I buy a fire pit?

A: Just add your product to the cart and use one of our safe and secure payment methods.  If your chosen product isn't in stock, just contact us to find out when delivery will be or see the product listing.

You can also pre-order your chosen product to make sure you secure one - again just email or call us and we can arrange a deposit to secure.  If an order is imminent, you can go ahead and purchase through the website and we'll get it out to you as soon as we can.  We update the website on at least a weekly basis so the info is always up to date with regards order times.

Q: What is Afterpay?

A: Afterpay is a fairly new, but already hugely popular, way of paying for your purchases - you get the goods upfront and then pay 4 instalments over 8 weeks.  The best part is that the payments are INTEREST FREE!  Your payment agreement is with Afterpay - it's very easy to set up and then you can start shopping. 

You can use Afterpay on products up to $1000 - so it's perfect for the Standard Australian Fire Pit and also the Rottnest and Monsters Fire Pits (Coming soon).

Q: Do you do one-off custom orders?

I generally only produce my own fire pit designs and am working on more right now. There is scope to make one-off's but it is a rather costly process to only produce one.  You can read more in depth about that here on my blog. If you are a retailer who has an idea for an exclusive design just for your business, in wholesale quantities, then I am happy to discuss this with you to see if we can help.  We can work to your target audience and price range and create something just for you. We can even add on your own logo plate for a professional and high-end finish.

Q:  Can you advise on fire pit safety and care at all please?

Absolutely we can help - please read our safety and care guides in the main header.  It's not exhaustive but gives a lot of good pointers to help keep you and your surroundings safe.  If you think of anything to add, let us know! 

Q: Where are the Fire Pits Made?

A: My designs are made by skilled fabricators overseas.  The manufacturers are vetted to make sure they work in an ethical and safe manner.  By working in this way, I can offer a high quality product at a very competitive price and the fabricators get paid a fair wage too.  I'm all for Australian made goods but it just doesn't work for all products and my business would not be viable if I had to charge over $2,000 for even my smallest fire pits which would be the reality of having my fire pits made here. 

The supply chain of Australian freighters/shippers, customs, couriers, and retail outlets all benefit though of course - so whilst they are not actually made here, they are certainly helping with the Australian economy.

Q: Why do I have to wait for my fire pit?

If I don’t have your chosen fire pit ready to go then it needs to be fabricated in batches to keep cost down.  The whole process takes about 10 weeks from the order going in to it arriving at your door.  It may seem like a long wait but this enables the best price for you and this fire pit will be with you for years.  They are truly worth the wait!

Quite often I will have an order being made at any one time, so there's a good chance your chosen fire pit is already in the fabrication queue and the wait not so long.  If I need to make up an order, I add in a few extra of each design, so if there's a spare one being made, I can reserve it for you!

Q: Where can I view these fire pits?

A:  I usually have limited stock held and I am more than happy to show in person if you happen to live in the Perth, WA area.  Please email me to arrange a suitable time. 

My pictures are of my actual fire pits so very accurate and I have excellent feedback. Please see my 'Review Page' - these are all reviews that customers have left me over on my Facebook page.

Q: If I can't view one in person, how do I know I'm getting a quality fire pit?

A:  I work only with 'tried and tested' manufacturers.  For example, I spent 7 months researching and finding the fabricators I currently use. I also have great team behind me throughout the whole process and also have inspectors who go and visit the manufacturers at various stages in the making process to ensure everything is exactly as I ask. 

I am also in personal contact with manufacturer in addition to this so I am constantly making tweaks and keeping them on track.  By not holding stock (or minimal stock) it means that I can pass on savings into you rather than paying out for warehousing or for a bricks and mortar store.

Q: Where else can I buy your fire pits?

A: All fire pits that are on this website are my own design and are only available through me or from someone who has purchased them from me. My designs are copyrighted and not available anywhere else.  You are welcome to email me to see if there is a retail outlet near you though or if you would like to see them at a retail shop near you, let me know and I can approach them!

Q: The fire pits are multi-functional?

A:  Yes, that’s absolutely correct!  I wanted to create fire pits that not only look amazing as a patio feature, but are also useful 365 days of the year.  This means that even in the hotter parts of Australia where there isn't as much need for a fire, you are still going to get a lasting product that is functional all year round. 

All my fire pits have a drainage hole in the bottom when using as a planter and also a cap cover to pop over when using as a fire pit to stop embers falling through.  This also makes for really easy cleaning.  They are also pieces of garden art and some even have a BBQ function.

Q: Can you advise on expected life span on these pits?

These pits are very decorative and with that comes a trade off in longevity.  The smaller the pit and thinner the metal, the smaller the fire should be.  As with any product at all, the more use it gets, the quicker it will deteriorate. If you want to hammer a fire pit with very large fires on a very frequent basis, this style of pit (a fire ball with cut outs) is probably not best for you.  I would suggest going for a flat plate fire pit instead which are readily available.  If you are a more sedate user, go right ahead - these are just gorgeous!  Mostly it's common sense - bigger and thicker pits are more suited to bigger fires.

Please see the Care & Safety Guide in the header for more information.​

Q:  Do you sell wholesale your fire pits?

A: We certainly do wholesale the fire pits on this website and we also have other gorgeous new fire pit products exclusively in our wholesale range that aren't found on this site.  We work hard to bring brand new and eye-catching designs to the Australian market. 

If you have a large fit out project, retail stores or similar and need large quantities, we can supply you with great designs that will not only save your business money but also put you in an advantageous position above your competitors with our stunning and versatile designs.

Email us for a catalogue or further information.  Whilst these particular fire pits are not my own design, they have been carefully chosen for their uniqueness and many have never been seen on the Australian market before.

Free Delivery is only available for retail sales.

Q:  How can I become a stockist for your fire pits?

A: Please just contact us and we can arrange this.  We like to look after our stockists and help support your business.  We do this by giving you a stress-free experience as a buyer, as well as adding you to our stockist page so customers can find you and give you social media and newsletter shout outs.  We believe in supporting your business and helping you out as much as possible. 

Have further questions?  Just email me or call 1300 411 332 - I am here to help you the best I can!