Custom Orders

Custom orders should be commencing at the end of February!


There are several ways in which this will work: 


1) Choose a current design from my growing collection of images (see below) 

2) Present me with your own design 

3) I can design something for you with your guidance. 


Costs of course will depend on the ball size, how complex the design is to draw and cut, how much I am involved in the design work.

I will be able to give price guides once we are up and running!


Current Designs available:


The Monstera

Monstera custom fire pit design

The Rottnest Fire Pit

Rottnest FIre Pit


The Australiana

Australiana FIre pit custom order


The Peacock

Peacock fire pit custom order pit sphere

The Beach

Beach Surfing Fire Pit custom order 



Please note, I take copyright infringements seriously so I will not copy other peoples work, replicate Coats of Arms, logos or anything else that is a registered trademark!