Custom Orders

These are handmade to order - the design on each is hand-painted onto the chosen ball size and then cut and finished right here in Perth, WA.

Each Fire Pit is also a unique piece of garden art in its own right and all have drainage holes so they can be used as a planter as well.


There are several ways in which this will work:  

1) Choose a current design from my growing collection of images (see below) 

2) Present me with your own design 

3) I can design something for you with your guidance. 


Costs of course will depend on the ball size, how complex the design is to draw and cut, how much I am involved in the design work - Please note we are only doing the Rust / Natural finish at present.


The Monstera Fire Pit

This is a simple and elegant fire pit that would look fantastic in a tropical style garden.  It throws out beautiful shadows onto the ground when lit.

60cm:  $1375

70cm: $1475

80cm: $1575

Monstera custom fire pit designmonstera fire pit globeMonstera fire pits Perth


The Rottnest Fire Pit

This is a stunning story-telling fire globe that incorporates all the elements of this magical island that sits just 18km out of Perth, WA.

Quokkas, Pelicans, Fish, a Yacht, those wind swept trees, the lighthouse and even a bicycle make up this delightful piece.

60cm:  $1800

70cm: $1950

80cm: $2100

Rottnest FIre Pitrottnest firepit ball perthrottnest fire pit globe perthrottnest fire pit perth 


The Australiana Fire Pit

This is a lovely fire pit depicting some of the amazing and unique flora and fauna we get to enjoy here in Australia.  This evokes memories of camping trips away and time spent in the bush.

This pit features: 3 boab trees, numerous cockatoos and kangaroos and a grass tree.

60cm: $1475

70cm: $1575

80cm: $1675

Australiana FIre pit custom orderaustraliana fire pit ball perthAustraliana fire pits perthfire pits perth australian wildlife


The March of the Elephants Fire Pit Bowl

A really beautiful pit - simple and elegant - inspired by a recent visit to Perth Zoo - this is a personal favourite! (the pit pictured is fresh from the workshop - it'll develop very quickly into it's intended rust colour)

60cm half pit: $1195

70cm half pit: $1295

80cm half pit: $1395

elephant fire pit perthelephant fire pit perth - half fire pit bowlelephant fire pit bowl perth


Poppy / Anzac Day Fire Pit  

This is such a beautiful design - hand painted on before cutting begins.  Each and every one will be slightly different and unique.

I wanted to represent and acknowledge Anzac Day and I have had a few requests for this style of pit.  However,  I wanted to do something a bit more subtle and this pit is just covered in poppies.

60cm: $2200

70cm: $2400

80cm: $2600

anzac day fire pit perthanzac fire pit perthanzac fire pit with poppies perthanzac day fire pit perth


The Peacock Fire Pit

This is a fancy new design I came up with - yet to be made into a pit!

This will be absolutely stunning and could go onto a half or full pit.

60cm half pit: $1325  -  60cm full pit: $1625

70cm half pit: $1425  -  70cm full pit: $1725

80cm half pit: $1525  -   80cm full pit: $1825

Peacock fire pit custom order pit sphere


Sunny Days Surf Fire Pit

A new design not yet been made into a pit!

This will work as a half pit.

60cm half pit: $1325

70cm half pit: $1425

80cm half pit: $1525


Beach Surfing Fire Pit custom order 



Please note, I take copyright infringements seriously so I will not copy other peoples work, replicate Coats of Arms, logos or anything that is IP protected or a registered trademark!