Welcome to Unique Feature Fire Pits! 

Unique Feature Fire Pits provide original, beautiful multi-functional fire pit globes and bowls that will last for generations.

 We have various options depending on your space, fire requirements and budget.

These stunning feature fire pits are not only useful for keeping you warm on the cooler nights - the innovative designs allow year round use in the form of a planter, a bbq* as well as a piece of garden art. 

We can also currently offer a custom 'one-off' design, made and cut right here in Perth, WA.


Director/Designer - Jenny - has worked in various creative fields for over 20 years now and has won numerous awards along the way. 

 All Fire Pits on this Site are designed by Jenny and therefore only available through her.

Want to chat about an idea with Jenny?  Call 1300 411 332

or email her at jenny@uniquefeaturefirepits.com.au

*not all models have bbq capabilities - we can put these into the 70cm pits.