Unique Feature Fire Pits are multi-functional products that not only act as fire pits, they are also perfect for planters too during the hotter months. 

Clever and innovative design - such as the addition of drainage holes /plugs and BBQ Grills - make these pits a delight to use, beautiful to look at and useable all year round. 


UFFP owner, Jenny, has worked in the creative and design field for over 20 years and won numerous awards along the way.

Starting out with an art/photography degree she went on the work as a photographer in one of the biggest dock yards in the UK - some days working on $200million bespoke super yachts, the next working in a nuclear reactor compartment on a submarine.

After moving to Australia in 2008 she founded her popular jewellery brand, Eden Dreams, and rose to a very credible level in a few years on the Perth scene.

After suffering with neck issues from long hours bent over creating her silver work, she sold Eden Dreams and start designing products instead, and from there UFFP was born.

Jenny has always enjoyed an active outdoor lifestyle from surfing to camping so creating gorgeous products to enhance our outdoor living was an obvious choice.



"Unique Feature Fire Pits provide gorgeous, high quality, multi-functional products at very competitive prices.  

These stunning feature fire pits are not only useful for keeping you warm on the cooler nights - the innovative designs allow year round use in the form of a planter, a bbq* as well as a piece of garden art.  I value add in great features to match the style.

Creating a beautiful garden ambience and stylish statement has never been this easy".


All Fire Pits on this Site are designed by Jenny and therefore only available through her.

These fire pits are also perfect for resorts, farm stays, glamping and camping venues, holiday parks, hotels, camping stores, outdoor furniture shops and more - please do contact us for large wholesale quantities and prices. We can work with you to create something unique for your business.
*not all models have bbq capabilities - please check individual listings.