Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Huge Congratulations to the lovely Kate from Mandurah who came to collect her fire pit / planter today!  This beauty was packed with heaps of different types of succulents and it drew big crowds at the show which kind of made me glow with pride (yes I did plant it up myself!!).

This prize was the giveaway piece from the Perth Garden Festival last week and was picked from all the entrants to my newsletter sin-up.

If you want to jump onto my newsletter then head to the home screen and you can do so there.  I don't send out email too often - new designs, reminders for specials etc.  It's pretty non-invasive!

I currently have a special running which is FREE DELIVERY on my new order of fire pits which arrives in about 3 weeks.  Hop onto the newsletter list  on the main page and I will send you the email out - this offer close this Sunday night.....


If you would like to make one of these gorgeous little fire pit / planter yours then you can find it HERE.




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