Perth Garden Festival - So Close now!

SO last week over on Facebook I ended up giving away 4 pairs of tickets to the Perth Garden Festival with parking passes.  The response was great and I wish I could have given more away.  Of course you can jump online and buy some at

So next week is the week... My marketing is printed and ready - my banner looks great, even with my limited Photoshop skills and I am so excited about it.  My personal shopping list is grow by the minute and involves plants and more plants - frangi's (my addiction) and also some heliconias for my outdoor shower area for a seriously tropical look.

I am buzzing to meet everyone and tell them all about my products, net-working with other exhibitors and generally getting the word out about my fire pits.

There are some really nice new prototype designs too that are inbound imminently as well as another brand new one being drawn up that I have been working on the last week.  Sadly no sneek-peek though as there are eyes on me apparently!  Makes me feel a bit special ;)

ALSO there is some awesome news on the horizon.... more on that as and when I know more....


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