Perth Garden Festival 2017 - Day 3

Good Evening! 

I have just finished day 3 of the Festival and I am BLOWN AWAY seriously with the love for my fire pits - even a little over-whelmed at times by the crowding at the stall which went on for most of the day.  It was amazing to meet so many people who totally loved my products, vision and got what I am trying to achieve in terms of innovation and multi-functional design.

The current stock has been wiped out and orders placed on the new arrivals - 3 or so weeks to wait...  You can buy now to reserve your pit and I'll get it out to you as soon as I can.

Of course, the new Deluxe models will from now on have the remove-able grill feature an a really great addition.  I am running specials exclusively for the show so tomorrow is your last day to head on down there.  The atmosphere is lovely and so many smiling faces.

Really looking forward to tomorrow and slightly sad it's going to be over - next year I will be back there though and of course, I will have new designs to showcase.

You can pre-order from my new stock now - delivery is expected in about 3 weeks and I will get orders sent straight out.  Free collection is available from Ocean Reef. 

You can Shop here and opt into my newsletter here on the main page.


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