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Recently, at the Perth Garden Festival, I got asked a couple of times whether I design my fire pits in CAD.

The answer to that, my friends, is no.  I'm actually quite a bit of a technophobe and I'll tell you why.

I did a degree in photographic art about 20 years ago and digital cameras were only really just coming onto the scene.  I actually didn't even use one at Uni - all my images were taken on film cameras - from 35mm to large format.  I even did quite a stint using pin hole photography - the most original and most basic type of photography - where it all started.

Every single roll of film I took was wet processed by hand and every print I made was painstakingly done individually.... one by one on an enlarger.  It was a true craft.

Photography changed forever once digital became the norm.  Every man and his camera suddenly became an expert in photography.  There was so much less consideration when taking images because the notion was now that 'it can be fixed later' i.e. touched up in Photoshop.  Objects can be removed with ease, others added in, skies enhanced... pictures are now tweaked and poked to perfection. 

The realness, the raw beauty and the craftsmanship has been displaced forever... and many of these true skills are now lost.  The pain of the passion has almost been removed, if you will....

Of course, technical advancements are hugely beneficial...massive time savers for one.  But there-in lies a sort of deception and a falseness and that kind of makes me sad.  We find more beautiful and 'easy' imagery now of course, but it's only really surface deep.  Rather superficial in a way... perhaps an echo of our lives in general in these modern times.

So, going back to my fire pits drawings - I'm quite happy to do them with a pencil and paper.  For now ;)

This image, 'The Twin Towers from Liberty Island' was taken in February 2000 when I was visiting New York as part of my Uni course.  It was taken with an old OM2 Olympus camera loaded with Illford B&W film.


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