New Fire Pit Design - Rottnest

As you may know, I have been working on 2 new fire pit designs to put out to market, and I have some pictures!  Admittedly not the best but I will photograph the fire pit fully once it arrives here.

The first of my new designs is the Rottnest Fire Pit - I need to see it in person to inspect and make any adjustments of course but I think it's looking rather good.

Rottnest is just the most beautiful place and I am lucky enough to live a short ferry ride away from this magical island which sits about 18km off the WA coast in the Perth area.  It holds an amazing, breath-taking beauty and my thoughts of Rottnest are filled with stunning beaches, hideaways, snorkelling, warm sun and carefree times - and of course those gorgeous, comical little Quokkas.

When I started looking into Rottnest, I wanted to include all of the most popular elements of Rottnest into the fire pit - the pelicans, sailing, the ferry ride over, cycling and those weird and funky wind-swept trees to name a few. On researching however, I unearthed the very sad past of Rottnest, which I was not aware of at all, being a fairly new West Australian - namely the prison and the terrible way some the first owners (and indeed elders) of the land were treated and incarcerated there.  There is a very dark and sad side to Rottnest and our Aboriginal brothers were treated completely inhumanly on the island and many perished in dire conditions.  I did think hard about whether I wanted to continue to make this piece and if so, the appropriate way to represent and acknowledge this history onto the fire pit.

This is not supposed to be a political piece in anyway, but I think the past of the island needs to be recognised and a mark of respect needs to be paid.

I researched into an appropriate way to do this and even tried to touch base several times with Rottnest Authorities and a prominent Nyoongar elder but with no response.

At one of the burial sites on the island, someone has painted white crosses on the trees so it is this symbol that I have added into the ground under one of the trees.  I hope this is appropriate and have tried to remain respectful in this design.

 If you wish to read about this further then please follow this link - this is one of many articles you can find on the web relating to the prison.

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