Customised Designs - one-offs and bigger orders for your business / resort etc.

One question I get asked a lot is whether customised designs are available.... in short it is possible but it's not something I steer towards, especially when requesting a one-off. 

One-offs are obviously more expensive to make and of course, design work needs to be done.... it's not a cheap process but it is possible.  You need to value my time as a designer and except that even once the design work in done, there are additional costs to making a one-off such as moulding fees etc.

If you are looking for several to be made (a resort or retail business or for a team / army unit etc) and you want a design just for you, then it's certainly possible and works out more cost effective.  I can even work with my team to get your logo put onto the fire pits.

As long as it doesn't infringe on copyright and it's a subject I feel I can work with, hit me up and we can talk.

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