Custom Orders Update

Hello there!

It's been a while...

ok the steel is nearly here - about 3 months late but who's counting?!!  The sizes I have ordered range from 60cm across up to 80cm.  The reason I didn't go bigger is that they get unmanageable and also the bowl is so big they chew threw ridiculous amounts of wood.

Now I can do special odd sizes when a new order is placed as a one-off (I have actually done it this time for a 1200cm pit which is going to the used up in Kalbarri at a holiday park but there's a substantial wait unless I am about to place an order for these).

So, keep an eye on the page, I will be slowly re-vamping it as and when I get more information on costs (this will be determine with cutting times etc and design complexity so we won't know until we actually start ticking the out standing orders off).

Changes are afoot!


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