Anzac Day / Poppies Fire Pit

So... Anzac day is on the horizon in just a few weeks and I wanted to create something for this.

Anzac Fire Pits have been around for ages and they pretty much all depict the same thing to be honest....

SO I wanted to create something a little different... more subtle and something that is still relevant and stunning all year round without necessarily being tied to one day.

To give a bit of background here, we come from a military background.  The town we moved from (Plymouth) was built around the forces - hubby was in the navy for 13 years and did his fair share of long deployments.

I worked in the dockyard for some years as a photographer for the military.  Some days I worked on war ships and other days in nuclear reactor compartments on submarines - it was a unusual and exciting job!

Basically, everyone we knew, friends of family, were somehow connected to the dockyard.

SO this pit is just poppies.

As a note, my youngest daughter is also called Poppy :)

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