2th April 2017 - Copycat Designs

​I just want to air a grievance of mine today and that is the issue of copycat designers. 

Having been in the art/design field for 20 years now, I've had my fair share of copycats.  The most recent serious one was in my last business where someone within the same city as me, didn't think I would notice (or maybe didn't care) that they were directly ripping off my designs, approaching my retailers and selling my own designs to them for less,  as well as stealing very specific copy from my website.  Doh! 

The warning I want to give today, in relation to fire pits, is know who you are buying from.  The artists and designers suffer when their work is ripped off and it's a dirty and underhand way of getting business.   It's been brought to my attention over the last few weeks that this is happening locally and while (at the moment) it's not my actual designs being stolen (although certain elements of my ideas have been), there is a case of another fire pit supplier hugely infringing on copyright issues and passing other peoples designs off as their own. 

This is not cool - it's unacceptable, not to mention illegal!

That said, it's not uncommon to be approached and asked to replicate a design someone has seen elsewhere.  The answer to this would be a big fat 'no'!  Why?!  Because it's someone else's work!!

I want you to know, that any fire pits designs that you find on my website are 100% my original work and if you are thinking of spending your hard earned dollar on a fire pit with me, know you are getting original designs from a multi-award winning creative!

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