12th April 2017 - Fire Safety Guide: Staying safe around Fire Pits

At Unique Feature Fire Pits (UFFP), we want you to stay safe when using an open fire, so a common sense approach is vital to prevent accident or injury.

Please use the following guide when using your fire pit to outline safety precautions.
This list is not exhaustive and no liability will be accepted by UFFP for any incident arising from using these pits, or indeed any other open fire products by anyone who has read this guide. Please note that some of the points relate specifically to features on my own pits.

• NEVER move, or try to move the pit once it has been lit.  It needs to completely cool down before moving again.
• Never leave a fire unattended.
• Children and pets must be supervised at all times around the pit when lit.
• Inspect your fire pit before each lighting and check for any signs of wear that may cause concern.  Pay special attention to the wheel and stand area.  Do NOT light if you have concerns.
• Only light a safe distance away from any flammable substances, furniture etc.  Make sure furniture etc can be moved further away once lit if need be (i.e. not backed onto a wall for example).  This includes overhanging trees and porches.
• Do not allow intoxicated people near the fire pit when lit.
• Never introduce flammable liquids into a fire or when trying to light it.
• Check weather conditions and don’t light in windy conditions.
• Allow enough distance from materials and surfaces in the event of embers and sparks coming out.
• Make sure leaves and other garden litter that could be flammable are cleaned up a good distance from the pit before lighting.
• Keep a hose on standby or a bucket of water or sand in case of an emergency.
• Always check for fire bans before lighting.
• Never light on decking, grass or any other wooden or flammable surface.  Always use pavers or concrete or similar.
• Keep the fire small and manageable and always in an open, ventilated area.
• Exercise extreme caution when moving this pit using good lifting techniques.
• Only use on level ground.
• Check with your local council to discover any limitations when using fire pits.
• Do not burn pressure treated wood, wood that’s been painted, composites or plywood as these contain chemicals.
• Never allow wood to overhang the sides of the fire pit.
• Never discard of hot ashes.  Ashes can remain hot for 2 or 3 days after a fire.
• Remove the lid when moving in case it slides off and also before lighting - it is purely for decoration only.
• Support the lid underneath when removing and carrying it.
• Use drain hole stopper when lighting.

This is a guide only - no liability will be accepted in any way from incidents using this advice or indeed using my fire pits.

Exercise common sense and you will enjoy your fire pit for many years to come!

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